Residential Engineering

Residential Engineering

With our hands on experience on numerous custom homes, hillside homes, and several additional jobs we contain a strong database of drawings and engineering templates to deliver a quick turnaround of such tasks. We ensure that a project is carried out according to the quality, time, and cost requirements of our clients. Our expertise includes the development of complete plans for all levels and details the projects to the best extent.


Our Specialization

Remodels/ Additions

We believe in providing quality and affordable services, and so, can provide top-notch remodeling services.

Decks & Patios

Our residential building engineer can help you put in decks and patios in your homes.

Seismic Retrofit Engineering

We use seismic retrofit engineering to make your homes and offices safer during an earthquake.

Custom Home

Our experts will listen to your ideas and provide you with customized home development services.


Use our exclusive residential civil engineering services to build an exquisite Ramada in your backyard.

Hillside Homes

Looking to build a hillside home? We provide expert home construction to fulfill your needs.

Load Bearing Wall Removal

Our quality load bearing wall removal services are designed to give you a stress-free home construction experience.